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bus people

bus people are
the potholes of our
great society

smokin’ their rolled cigarettes
smokin’ em down
to their burnt yellow-stained finger and thumbtips
then rollin’ another one
with those same stained fingers
throwin the used butts
into the sidewalk gutters
without regard for
the men in suits, ties, and
other garbage garb

breath in need of listerine and baking soda
kind of people
missin’ teeth people
rottin’ gums kind of people

no showertakin’
smelly bastards and bitches
dirty gerbil cage smellin’
kind of people

old underwear wearin’
kind of people
underwear that’s been
pissed in
in a seven years war
against hygiene

kids screamin’
kind of people
they be screamin back
at their kids
kind of people
cycles goin’ round n round
on the rusted out
merry-go round

singin’ to jesus people
people lookin’ for hope, redemption
a second chance
okay…a third, fourth, or
fifth chance
goin’ back to their lord
to beseech him
for that sixth chance
at peace in their lives
only to be forsaken
on the seventh day

high on somethin’
kind of people
not on life
kind of people

l-s-e-s people.
lower socioeconomic status
kind of people
how ‘bout
lower econo-social status?
that’d make 'em
l-e-s-s than people

of course that’s how many people
view ‘em
less than people

take a ride on the bus sometime
you might just meet
some of them
you might just meet


September 26, 2011



why did you greet me
when we met today?
why did you say hello
to my wandering mind?

what purpose conceals
your true intent
away from my mind
however so bent?

a river you say
never remains
from point to end
ever the kind.

why did you greet me
when we passed?
why did you say hello
to my unfriendly form?

some say it is formal
for gentler folk.
some say it as a tease…
neither prod nor poke.

and still, it remains 
a mystery to me.
an enigma out of reach
so shall it stay. 

May 23, 2003


Four Marbles

On marbles a prop four
Up one pick
Three prod other the

One lose the
Teme all at acher
Find to only
Fall mite they each

Teeter-totter, totter-teeter
Keys your forget
The treem and pay

Hocus-pocus, hyperfocus
Thoughts converge
On a single locus

Pickle fickle, fickle pickle
A dime for reach
Out nickel a pull

Marbles platter on a four
One up pick
Two scatter the other

May 16, 1999



a little old woman
me approached on the street
what is the meaning
of Survival? her greet

to the victors the fames
to the losers the flames
what justice is found
in such merciless games?

does The Almighty condone
such dyscompassionate ploys?
is The Unmighty playing 
with forebodious toys?

what is the meaning
of Survival? she returned
the Might are the Right?
is that to be learned?


i pondered a moment 
and twiddled my thumbs
trying to solve
these uneasy crumbs

my thoughts went to Athens
and then on to Sparta
to Rome and to Russia
then back to the Carta

what is the meaning
of Human Survival?
to mentor the Weak
and crush every Rival?

but how can this be
Compassion and War
paradoxical bedfellows
to which goes the score?


then in a flurry
of combustible synapses
i realized the answers
through my cognitive lapses

The Strong do impregnate
i told my dear friend
for without Evolution
our Being would end

the Fit of our Kind
in Love but not war
must strengthen the Weak
who detest that We soar

with empathic concern
we must work without fright
and impart to All Creatures
that this is in sight

November 30, 2001


4-H Club: Hope

Hope was the penultimate factor in my recovery. I looked for it anywhere I could find it, whether that was internally or externally. I lost hope in the Fall of 2002. Losing hope resulted in two suicide attempts, one of which put me on life support for three days. Thankfully, those attempts failed.

I regained hope, however, shortly afterward. My ride to recovery has been anything but smooth and 16+ years would pass before I realized recovery, but the fight and the struggle were worth it.

My advice is not to worry about trying to measure hope. You’ll know it when you feel it. And, try to keep it alive inside of you. Do whatever it takes to keep hope lit. That light might be vibrant at times or it might be dim, but try with all of your might to keep it lit. Asking for help, seeking out havens, and maintaining your physical, mental, and social health will go a long way towards keeping hope alive. And, keeping hope alive will do wonders for your road to recovery.

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